Being positive as a business owner is vital to the success of any business. Hurdling obstacle after obstacle can be disheartening and lead to negativity. Optimism is “the” word to focus on at all times. The following are some tricks I’ve learned and strive to master everyday!

* Discipline takes time and a lot of mental effort. However, the more you exercise your mind, the easier it gets.

* Learn from your mistakes. All business owners at one time or another will suffer setbacks. Instead of being hard on ourselves (like wanting to kick ourselves!), We have to realize that everybody faces these troublesome issues. We are not alone! Thank goodnessJ

* Monitor your attitude daily to maximize your potential. Remember, attitude impacts performance, relationships and just about everyone around you.

* Inner dialogue sounds weird, we know (like talking to yourself out loud), but sometimes it’s necessary to do just that. Don’t keep frustrations in. Scream out loud when you have to. It could be everyday. Well, we do scream out loud everyday so……but it makes us feel so much better. We can choose to encourage and motivate ourselves or choose self-pity. We, at Cuckhoo, choose the former, even when it’s really, really hard sometimes.

* Do you like to ride roller coasters? Our team loves them, but if your life is like a roller coaster, it’s not fun at all. What matters is knowing the difference between “what happens” to “you” as opposed to how “you choose” to respond.

* Bitter or better? Whichever attitude you choose to adopt will always rub off your existing and potential clients. Being positive is infectious, but so is being negative. If we continue to be aware of this, we will more likely respond positively which will “make” companies “want” to work with you.

* Am I in control? It depends again on your attitude. Being positive makes us feel in control and confident and ultimately allow us to perform at my best.

* Being positive 100% of the time is not possible. Overwhelming feelings of frustration, anger or disappointment will creep in every now and again. So, what can we do to get back on track? Take time off from the rest of the world. Spend time doing things that relax you and that you enjoy. It’s vital to our business and overall health to just take a break. Slam on the brakes and turn right instead of going straight!

If we can practice these things everyday, we, and you, should be able to handle anything that comes our way. Hopefully!


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