Advances in website technology grows at a phenomenal rate every year. Technology itself grows what seems to be every month. For example, you buy a smartphone today, the very latest model, and immediately it’s announced the next model is being released in 6 months. It’s almost impossible to keep up.

In regards to website design, developments in technology, have a major impact on businesses. As a result, platforms need to be revamped on a consistent basis.

The most recent changes are outlined below:

What is CSS3?:

  • It’s now alive and kicking.  
  • It’s a much more reliable and user-friendly for those responsible for editing the “underlying code”.  
  • Some CSS3 components are completely safe to use in the top browsers.

Be careful with animations:

  • Animations have a positive effect on your site.
  • They should be kept fairly small and user-friendly.
  • Large animations will have a negative effect on your site.
  • Consumers don’t care for anything that is complicated to use.


  • The expanded content on your site should be included in your menu.
  • Menu icons should be found easily and displayed in a drop down menu for further exploration.
  • Navigation should be simple.
  • It is vital that each category includes bulky content so the user will obtain all information on your site.

Image Improvement:

  • The iPhone has now developed a technology that turn still photos into live action scenes.
  • Such graphics can enhance the user’s experience dramatically.

Embellished Text:

  • Web designers have been stuck in small simple fonts.
  • No colorful text, just black.
  • Consumers are attracted to texts that are more colorful.
  • Fonts should be changed to more appealing ones.

These simple tips will most likely increase traffic to your site, yet more importantly remain for several minutes to explore.


You may be asking yourself why on earth would I be sharing this “helpful” information for your business. Well, unlike most web design sites, Cuckhoo believes in total honesty. Other sites won’t blog about information that can help your business grow – a DIY approach. You should be able to explore such a website that provides useful information to the potential consumer or DIY businesses. That’s why our logo states we are “a Little Different”. Our business is not about numbers or formal content. We try to be engaging and not give a “sterile” perspective. Of course, we would love for you to decide to retain our services, but we are here to help as well!


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